As a kid I was often told I was “too much”. I was super chatty, noisy and outgoing – I’m now in my mid 40’s and
nothing’s changed! I just love connecting with other humans, it lights me up.

There’s something about that moment when the audience sees your vulnerability, lets down their guard and
become open to learning, growing and having some fun.


Demonstrate the easiest way to make awesome kids cakes at home
Empower mums to love themselves and embrace imperfection
Confess all the ways I stuffed up my business before finally getting it right
Discuss why entrepreneurship is the perfect fit for the modern mum
Share how to build a beautiful community to support and grow your brand
Mc your conference etc.



“I recently interviewed Lou on my show “The Productpreneur Success Podcast”. We discussed how to build an engaged community on social media – something She has been hugely successful at herself. She came prepared with well-thought out stories and ideas to share and was able to impart some tangible advice for our
listeners to implement. Lou is the most down to earth,open and authentic person you could meet and a delight to interview.”

Catherine Langman

Principal, Productpreneur Marketing

“Saw Lou speak for the first me this weekend at the What’s On 4 Kids Conference on the Gold Coast. Absolutely fantastic & truly inspirational, by far my favourite speaker of the conference. She was very real and spoke of her own first-hand experience and shared techniques that she used to overcome any trials and tribulations, she came across in her own business. She gave us valuable insight into running a productive FB group that I will be implementing into my own FB group immediately. I would 100% pay to see Lou speak again, after listening to her, she left me with a renewed passion for connecting with my Facebook followers.”

Chantelle Richards

Founder, Messy Mat Perth

“I have seen Lou speak to audiences on a number of occasions and she manages to connect to the audience in an authentic way that is both professional and empathically human. Her ability to engage a room in her story is unique and motivational.”

Peta Ellis

Co-Founder, Peak Persona

“Passionate, supportive, driven and a fellow Mum in business. I knew I had to invite Lou to be a guest speaker at our regular team mentoring sessions. Lou mentored my team of over 100 women, speaking honestly about balancing family/work life, providing us with invaluable feedback and suggestions. Lou has been an amazing support of our brand.”

Kylie Conway

National Team Leader for Kangatraining Australia

“From the moment Lou takes the stage, her audience is captured. Her genuine care for her customers and her wealth of knowledge in building a successful business are really inspirational. Lou is willing to share her knowledge, her mistakes and successes to help other business owners thrive. Even though we are in completely different industries, I took so much away from hearing Lou and her business building journey. Thank you Lou!”

Kym O’Gorman,

Specialist, Kym O’Gorman Marketing Soluons

“Lou Duggan is an inspirational and authentic human who speaks from the heart. I asked her to speak at Gold Coast Demo Day to represent the “everyday entrepreneur” and she was the star of the show: she connected with the audience and captured their attention and imagination. Lou wins people over with her smiling eyes and her genuine interest in others, and they always benefit from their time with her”

Dr Baden U'Ren

Director, Commercialisation Centre, Bond University

I’d love to be part of your next event or be a guest on your podcast



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